Human Rights in a post-Soviet World

With the fall of Communism and the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, many dreamed of a new era of openness, democracy and human rights in the post-Soviet world (‘The New East’). Nearly thirty years later, questions remain as to the extent to which these dreams have been achieved.

From the early nineties, newly independent countries in the New East began their long and difficult transition to democracy. Whilst there have been noticeable improvements in the protection of human rights and transition to democracy throughout the region during this time, many problems remain. The effective protection of human rights remains a global challenge. However, the legacy of the Soviet Union continues to be felt throughout this particular region where human rights protection and civil society is often less firmly established. Recent years have seen a crackdown on many fundamental freedoms throughout the New East which demand our attention. This blog aims to meet this demand.

‘New East Rights’ is a blog designed to provide a contemporary focus on human rights in a post-Soviet world.



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